Bruno Martín Gagliardini born in the neighborhood of "Catalinas Sur", at the gates of the Popular Republic of La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina) the 16th of November 1979. That is the luckiest episode of his life. Born in that neighborhood and not another.

During his childhood entertains himself playing chess, doing martial arts, dancing and acting. Until finally, at the age of fifteen, fate decides to show him the way. In 1995 he joined the Catalinas Sur group Theatre. A community theater group, created by neighbors for neighbors. There, Bruno dance murga and candombe. Try singing, tries acting. Play with masks and puppets. Walks like the characters of the art comedy and caresses the air like a mime. There Bruno knows the circus and the philosophy of "Art as a tool for social transformation." They were eight years, from fifteen to twenty three years old. At that time where one is formed as a person, the Catalinas Sur theater group was his school. There Bruno discovers that he wants to be "Street Artist".

And so was born Brunitus.

From that moment the adventure begins.


The road is populated by friends to share dreams, full of wonderful art projects: "Sudestada" (2000, 2001), "Los Guapos de la Lechuga" (2001, 2002), "Circo Arlequín" (2003), "Circo Chico" (2004), "Circo Circacho" (2004, 2005), "Geniol and Brunitus" (2006), "Compañia Engranaje" (2010 to 2012), "Circo Patuf" (2013), "Payasos in the Night" (2013, 2014), "Circo CasQú" (2014). "La Convención Argentina de Circo, Payasos y espectáculos Callejeros" (since 2001).

Brunitus goes along mixing team work experiences with solo artistic processes. He chooses Diabolos as his faithful sidekicks. In the year 2000 he carried out his first tour in Europe with his first solo show "The Diabolo and the Man". In 2007 he premiered his second solo show "Girostatus" and in 2015 he achieved his third solo production "Once Upon a Time", a circus fable with which he celebrated his first 20 years of experience as a circus and street artist.

Trips around Argentina, South America and Europe.

More than 150 street and circus show Festivals.

Hungry to see the whole world, not as a tourist, but as a participant through art.

Brunitus grows day after day by doing.

He reinvents himself though his constant soul search.

Always with the feeling that art is a media to communicate and share.

Share, therefore exist.